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Our 1992-to-date Hexagon SOHO electronics testsite

Robert (Ry) Maher

    The experience began in the Army Signal Corp in 1973. I dealt with Radio Frequency scenarios of many types FM, MARS Station, Microwave, Radar and Telephone to include Radio & wire integration, which was a early antiquated form of what a cell phone accomplishes today! After the military, I was hired by a popular Christian Radio  Station out of Tulsa, Oklahoma during the early “80’s” to setup Translator Radio stations in fringe signal Cities around Oklahoma that re- transmitted their signal out on a new frequency in a 10 mile local radius a top the Old Classic Aldridge Hotels located near the middle of each City. I added Paragon looped tape players triggered by a out of human ear range hertz signal sent by the radio station to play commercials local to each city for a timed sequence. During that period, I also, became involved with setting up CCTV systems, installing multiplexed tube cameras and time lapsed video tape. As exercise facilities became the popular thing of the times, I would install and maintain them for years to come, in such places like the YMCA. Since October 1980, as an established electronics service company called Ma-her' Sound Tel, we all through the “80s” provided help to many private contractors working on projects for nation wide well known phone companies gaining the experience to be a forerunner in the business of Voice, Networking, Video, Sound and Alarm Systems.

   We have been, since the early "90s", manufacturer certified, working with Banyan vines, ethernet Ti568 Cat 5 LANs as well as  Fiber since first released into the market place. We have been bench repairing phone systems and audio mixing components for 33 years. We have been manufacturing many small electronic circuit solutions such as door annunciator systems with adjustable timer that goes silent until reset by door closure and a digital low cost intercom tone ring clock that retrofits into many existing school intercom systems for as low as $1,000.00 Dollars (single zone!). We have developed a wireless into FM radio music from external source (small mp3 Player Etc.) and Cell Phone Interface called a (C)SoundTel Unit* That mutes down music during a cell call so you hear ( the caller or called?) and it couples with Car Kits that handle even GPS navigation. *Outdated & no longer available!

   We added Cellular Phone Signal Boosting to our Repertoire in the early 2000's serving such Corporations as York International, providing equipment that would enhance their ability via cellular signals to sync up with their home networks. We have since, provided many cellular boosting solutions to well known Oil companies as well as Private and Municipal entities.



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